Constantine Kapsalis, Ph.D.
Dr. Kapsalis is an economic consultant
specializing in the areas of labour market
analysis, training and education, social
policy, and survey development and

He grew up in Athens, Greece where he
completed his undergraduate studies in
Business and Economics. He attended the
University of Rochester, New York on a full
scholarship and received his Ph.D. in
economics in 1975.

Dr. Kapsalis has worked at the Ontario
Economic Council, the Economic Council of
Canada, the Department of Regional
Economic Development, the Bureau of
Management Consulting, and the Canadian
Labour Market and Productivity Centre,
and taught courses at Carleton University
and the University of Ottawa.

Since 1996 he has been working as a
consultant and has conducted a wide
range of consulting assignments and
published extensively in his field.
Pierre Tourigny, B.A. B.Psy.
Mr. Tourigny specializes in public administration
and statistical analysis. He grew up in Gatineau,
Quebec and is fluently bilingual.

After completing a formal education in
psychology, he pursued a consulting career. He
has worked at the Oil Sector Monitoring Agency
and the Bureau of Management Consulting.
Since 1999 has been a principal associate of
Data Probe.

Mr. Tourigny has extensive experience in
conducting statistical analysis using SAS and
SPSS, and using a wide range of databases,
including: the Survey of Labour and Income
Dynamics (SLID); Labour Force Survey (LFS);
Survey of Financial Security (SFS); National
Population Health Survey (NPHS); Population
Activity Limitations Survey (PALS); the Census.
He has also extensively experience with the
HRSDC and CSLP administrative data.

Since 2000 he has been working with Dr.
Kapsalis in major studies involving the statistical
analysis of Statistics Canada surveys and
HRSDC adminsitrative databases.
Data Probe Economic Consulting Inc.