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Social Policy Studies
Social Assistance
Social Assistance Dynamics. Based on the Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics
Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), 2008.

Social Assistance and the Employment Rate of Lone Mothers: An Analysis of
Ontario's Live Experiment. In
Women and Work, ed. Richard P. Chaykowski and Lisa
M. Powel. John Deutch Institute for the Study of Economic Policy, Queens University,
1999. [view]

Social Assistance Benefit Rates and the Employment Rate of Lone Mothers. Based on
the Labour Market Activity Survey.
HRSDC, Working Paper W-96-5E, Sep. 1996. [view]

Income Security Reform and the Concept of a Guaranteed Annual Income. In
Redefining Social Security, Government and Competitiveness Project Research Series
(Kingston: School of Policy Studies, pp.49-98), 1995 (with Patrick Grady of Global
Economics). [view]

Social Exclusion
Profiles and Transitions of Groups Most at Risk of Social Exclusion. Based on SLID.
HRSDC, 2008.

Profiles and Transitions of Groups at Risk of Social Exclusion. One of five related
studies based on SLID, on the following at risk group: lone mothers; individuals with
disabilities; recent immigrants; older unattached individuals; and off-reserve
Aboriginal individuals.
HRSDC, Applied Research Branch (2002-03). [view]

Other Social Policy Studies
Employer Support for Employee Voluntarism. Based on the 1997 National Survey of
Giving, Volunteering and Participating.
HRSDC, R-99-11E.b, August 1999.

A New Measure of Wage Discrimination. A new statistical measure of sex
discrimination, using the reverse regression technique.
Economics Letters, Harvard
University, Vol. 9, pp. 287-293, 1982. [view].

Block-Funding and Provincial Spending on Social Programs. Effects of federal grants
on provincial spending.
Canadian Tax Journal, March-April 1982.

Poverty Lines: An Alternative Method of Estimation. Derivation of poverty lines from
a survey of perception of adequacy.
Journal of Human Resources, Vol. 16, No. 3,
Summer 1981. [view].

In Defense of Family Allowances. Analysis of the distributional impact of Family
Canadian Public Policy, Vol. 6, No. 1, Winter 1980.