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Adult Literacy Studies
International Adult Literacy Survey
Catching up with the Swedes: Probing the Canada-Sweden Literacy Gap. Based on
the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS).
National Literacy Secretariat, 2001.

Literacy Profile of Ontario's Youth. Based on the IALS.
Ontario Ministry of
, 1999. [view]

The Effect of Disabilities on Literacy Skills. Based on the IALS. Human Resources
and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), Applied Research Branch, 1999. [view]

The Connection Between Literacy and Work: Implications for Social Assistance
Recipients. Based on the IALS.
HRSDC, Working Paper W-98-1E, 1998. [view]

Other Literacy Studies
Literacy Profile of Ontario's Immigrants. Based on the Ontario Adult Literacy Survey
Ontario Ministry of Education, 2000. [view]

Literacy Survey of Ontario's Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adults.
Ontario Ministry of
, 1998. [view]

Literacy Indicators of Labour Force Development.
National Literacy Secretariat,